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Download Jio4GVoice : Make HD VoLTE Calls on Your Non-VoLTE Smartphone with JIO Sim

“JIO AKA Reliance JIO Recently hit very hard to the Indian market of Tele-Communication by launching it’s cheapest 4G data and Free Calling All Over the World. But for Using that you must need a VoLTE enabled Smartphone Because JIO Uses VoLTE technology for making these calls so this is a minimum requirement but if you don’t have a VoLTE enabled handset then it’s not to worry because JIO has also launched app names as Jio4GVoice for making these HD calls and Video Calls. In this post, I am covering all details regarding this Jio4GVoice App so Stay Tuned.” You can check also: firewood for sale gold coast

Before Proceeding for telling you about this App Lets talk a little about What is VoLTE and then we’ll talk about this JIO4GVoice App.

What is VoLTE?

Well, VoLTE is the latest smartphone’s network technology which stands for Voice Over Long Term Evolution which was launched in 2008. As 4G LTE mainly uses for Web Access it Provides HD calling as well as Web Access. VoLTE is mainly based on IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Network which mainly uses for making Voice Calls Over LTE Network.



What is JIO4GVoice APK and Download Link

JIO4GVoice is an application released by Reliance JIO Infocommunication LTD which helps to make HD calls over LTE Network on a smartphone. It Doesn’t matter you have a VoLTE Supported smartphone or Not.

Have you ever thought that you can make HD crystal Clear Voice or Video Call on your regular Smartphone? Well, it was Just a dream before but not now. after launching JIO4GVoice you can make HD calls and HD Video calls on your regular android smartphone. Jio4GVoice Enhance your Non-VoLTE smartphone with VoLTE capablities.

Even if you have a 2G or 3G smartphone than you can also make 4G HD calls with that but you must need to use a JioFi or JioDongle and after connecting it you can make HD Voice Calls.


-HD Voice and Video Calls

-Make and Recieve calls

-Support Group Conversation and Many more Features 😉


Download Links 😉

Click Here for Downloading From Google Play Store

Click Here for Alternate Download Link


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